Green Brazil Institute (GBI)
Since its founding, GBI has distributed hundreds of thousands of saplings to partner programs.
In 2009, GBI   produced 15,000 Pernambuco saplings and 120,000 saplings of other Atlantic Rainforest native species as part of the SEAG agreement, number 150/2007.

The Green Brazil Institute (GBI) is a privately-owned, public interest organization with official legal standing. It works in partnership with agriculture cooperatives and unions, NGOs, the Brazilian scientific community, the private sector and educational and environmental agencies of the Brazilian government.
The Green Brazil Institute was officially granted public interest organization (OSCIP) status by the Brazilian Justice Department in December 2006.

Our mission is “to integrate participation in social, cultural and environmental conservation efforts into daily living, and to promote conscious consumption and the sustainable future of our planet”. The Institute works for the preservation and sustainable use of Brazilwood and other native species of the Atlantic Rainforest.
Towards this end, the Institute is active in reforestation, environmental education and scientific studies. The Institute raises awareness on environmental issues through environmental education programs in public and private elementary and middle schools.
The Institute also intends to conduct scientific research on preservation of species at risk of extinction in the Atlantic Rainforest and creation of related educational material.
In addition, the Institute distributes saplings of Brazilwood and a variety of other species native to the Atlantic Rainforest.
The saplings are planted on small plots of land owned by participants in the program with the objective that the mature trees become a means of income generation for the land owners.