Certification Explained.

Marco Raposo is the founder and director of The Green Brazil Institute (GBI). This institute was created in 2008 to develop reforestation of Pernambuco trees (Caesalpinia echinata lam.), and other native species of the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest. 

As a result of our effort and numerous successful reforestation projects, and together with the CITES representatives of the Brazilian Government , he developed an inventory on SALVAGE WOOD. This means, reclaimed wood from old fences, old constructions and  rail road bins made out of Pernambuco wood from the beginning of the century. The result was 48 Tons of reclaimed Pernambuco wood, that he could use in Brazil and export to the United States of America with the allowance of the CITES - U.S.A representatives.
Below you will see the General permit certificate issued by the American Government. This permit allows us to not only use Pernambuco wood for bow making, but also to export and re-export  9.199 PERNAMBUCO STICKS from our warehouse in New York City to everywhere in the world.
We are the first official exporters of PERNAMBUCO WOOD after the CITES restrictions under appendix II listing of Pernambuco wood.